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Maxwest Europe customer support offers solutions to problems or inquiries that you may have about any of our products. Whether it is on how to purchase wholesale GSM phones or wanting to know answers to a technical question. In order to help our users to quickly find answers to your questions we have come up with some of the common questions regarding Maxwest devices. Please read below the frequently asked questions.

Yes most of our devices are unlocked GSM phones and may be used with any sim card.  Some of the devices may be locked for certain carriers if the phone are offered by the carrier.

If you are in Europe and wish to purchase a Maxwest phone you may do so through our web portal. If you want to purchase Maxwest phones in Bulk for the European or African markets you may send us and email at info@maxwest.eu so we can have someone in sales to assist you further.

The Android operating system takes up 2-3GB of storage. Apart from that the rest of the available memory is partitioned into 2 segments, internal storage and phone storage.  All these 3 parts combined will make up the 8GB as advertised.

  • Change the brightness level of the LCD to a level that you are comfortable with
  • If you are not using the GPS, disable the Location on your device.
  • If you are not using the Bluetooth, disable the Bluetooth function.
  • Stop applications that you are not using. These may be running in the background.
  • Disable the Wi-Fi or internet data when not needed.
  • Turn off the keyword vibrations and notification vibrations when you receive messages or notifications.

This is a very vague question as we have a range of products from simple feature phones to 6 inch 4G Android smartphones. But overall Maxwest products are known to be very competitive in price and carry a high value; that means you get a lot for the money that you pay.

Maxwest Europe is only responsible for the products sold in Europe and offers a 2 year Manufacturer’s warranty. You may read more on the terms and conditions on the RMA page.

-Press and hold down on the POWER on button.
-Remove the battery and re-insert it.
-If the battery is completely dead, you may have to charge for at least 15 minutes before it shows on the display that the phone is charging and being able to power on the phone.

  • Our first suggestion is that you contact your operator or service provider to let them know, so that they may block the service on your phone.
  • To protect your information we highly suggest that you use a security lock to prevent any unauthorized use.
  • At Maxwest we are unable to disable the phone from being used. But if you have the imei on your device you can report it to the local police.  They may be able to track down the phone.

-Make sure your Maxwest device is powered on and you push the green or send button.
-Check if there is signal on your phone and the  NO SERVICE indicator is not Lit.
-Check the battery level

To prevent unauthorized users on your phone, you can lock your phone with a pass code or pattern code.  Calls can still be received but cannot dial out.  If you have forgotten your password on your Maxwest phone, one option would be to do a master reset on your device.  By this you would lose all your data on your device.

  • You may do a factory reset by clicking on Menu -> Settings -> Backup & Reset -> Selecting Factory data Reset
  • If you are unable to power on your phone correctly and wish to do a factory reset, on most devices you may Hold down on the Volume UP key and the Power key at the same time for about 10 seconds until the Recovery Menu shows up. Then select wipe data/ factory reset.

All Maxwest phones are quad band devices so they will work in any country for basic calling and texting. The internet may run slow, depending on which country you go to since each Network carrier uses a different frequency.

If you just got a sim card with a data plan and you don’t get internet on your Maxwest phone, the first thing that you would want to check is that you have entered the APN information correctly. To configure the APN you go to Menu -> Settings -> Under Wireless & Networks click on More -> Cellular Networks -> Access Point Names.  In here you must add the APN settings for the Sim card operator.  Once completed you must restart your device.

  • To free up space in the phone storage the best way is to add a memory card. Once the memory card is added you must go to Menu -> Settings -> Storage and change the default write disk to SD Card.  This will change the default to where the new files will be saved to.  Keep in mind that many apps like Facebook and Instagram cannot be moved to the SD card.   We suggest that you manually move all your images to the SD card card and the apps that can be moved, to also be moved to the SD card.
  • Under the Storage Menu clear the Cached Data
  • Some apps like Telegram might have taken a lot of your phone storage. Under the Storage menu if you click on “Misc”, it allows you delete the images or phones stored in those App folders.  This process will completely wipe everything that was stored in those Apps so if there is something that you don’t want deleted, its better that you don’t do it this way.

Connect your device with the USB cable to USB port of your laptop or desktop computer. The Maxwest devices are plug and play so your computer should detect them automatically.  You will see a notification on your phone when you connect your device to the computer.  If you want to transfer files select Media Device.

Connect your device with the USB cable to USB port of your laptop or desktop computer and select Camera (PMP) on the notification screen that shows up on your phone. Under devices on your computer you will be able to see the Maxwest device with the DCIM folder that holds all the images.